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OG Robbie Amell On Set in Vancouver For THE FLASH 8×12

OG Robbie Amell On Set in Vancouver For THE FLASH 8×12

Robbie Amell is in Vancouver guest-starring as Ronnie Raymond for The Flash.

The OG is back for two season 8 episodes — 8×11 and 8×12.

The first episode started filming last December ahead of the holiday hiatus and the second episode started filming this January.

A fan met Amell last Friday on location in Burnaby’s Central Park.

Who is Ronnie Raymond?

STAR Labs’ Ronnie Raymond became one-half of Firestorm with Martin Stein (Victor Garber) after the particle accelerator explosion in season one. He died in the season finale saving Central City from a wormhole, leaving behind his widow Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker)

Robbie Amell has returned over the years as a guest star for flashbacks to his character Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm and to play Ronnie Raymond’s evil doppelgänger Deathstorm on Earth 2 with Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost,

The circumstances for Ronnie Raymond’s return in season 8 are being kept under wraps but it’s not a coincidence that his name came up in the season 8 premiere when Caitlin intimated it was time she started dating again.

Robbie Amell announced his return to The Flash in a mid-December Instagram story.

OG Robbie Amell on Set in Vancouver as Ronnie Raymond for The Flash 8×11

Danielle Panabaker’s story on the same day revealed where they were filming.

Recently Danielle Panabaker shared she is pregnant with her second child. Will The Flash hide her pregnancy or write it in?

The Flash returns with new season 8 episodes on March 9th.

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