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Poison Ivy X 2 on Tonight’s BATWOMAN Season 3 Winter Premiere

Image credits: The CW

Poison Ivy X 2 on Tonight’s BATWOMAN Season 3 Winter Premiere

Poison Ivy x 2 on tonight’s Batwoman season 3 Winter premiere — episode 3×08.

Mary’s Poison Ivy (Nicole Kang) is still on the lam with her step-sister Alice.

And we’ll see Pam Isley’s Poison Ivy (Bridget Regan) in flashbacks as Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) relives her past via TVLine.

EXTREME MEASURES – Mary (Nicole Kang) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) continue their sisterly bonding, Ryan (Javicia Leslie), Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) are desperate and willing to do almost anything to stop them…even entertaining a dangerous proposition by Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) that finally rid Gotham of Pamela Isley (Bridget Regan). As the team hunts for the source of Poison Mary’s power – and potential demise – Renee is forced to revisit her heartbreaking past. Meanwhile, Marquis (Nick Creegan) grows more unhinged and throws a spectacularly sinister soiree at Wayne Tower…and everyone is invited. Marshall Virtue directed the episode written by Ebony Gilbert and Daphne Miles (#308).


Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya reliving her Gotham City past.

Marquis throws a party at Wayne Tower and invites everyone.

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder

Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore and Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya.

Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox.

Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore.

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