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Kat McNamara Back in B.C. To Film Hallmark Rom-Com LOVE, CLASSIFIED

Kat McNamara as Arrow’s Mia Queen.

Kat McNamara Back in B.C. To Film Hallmark Rom-Com LOVE, CLASSIFIED

Arrow’s Kat McNamara is back in B.C. to film Hallmark romantic comedy Love, Classified in Victoria.

Filming dates: January 31st to February 18th.

Romance novelist Emilia, (Melora Hardin) is a whirlwind who blows back into the lives of her adult children, Taylor (Kat McNamara) and Zach (Max Lloyd-Jones), under the pretense of a book signing arranged by her hometown’s local book shop. As Emilia tries to reconnect, Taylor and Zach explore new and past relationships through an app that boasts old-fashioned human connection by way of the classified ad. Zach is given a chance to heal old wounds while Taylor matches with a woman that changes the way she’s always thought about love.

Cast: Melora Hardin, Katherine McNamara, Max Lloyd-Jones, Arienne Mandi.

Director: Stacey N. Harding.

Writer: Lynn Sternberger.

Kat McNamara was last here in the summer to film Part 5 of The Flash’s Armageddon event which saw Mia Queen, the new Green Arrow, make like difficult for Team Flash.

Love, Classified is set to premiere in April.

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