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THE GOOD DOCTOR’s Halloween Episode Tonight Directed by Daniel Dae Kim

THE GOOD DOCTOR’s Halloween Episode Tonight Directed by Daniel Dae Kim

Tonight is The Good Doctor’s Halloween episode directed by executive producer Daniel Dae Kim, with some of the cast in costume as Disney+ Star Wars characters.

Paige Spara as Ahsoka Tano.

Noah Galvin as Baby Yoda aka Grogu.

Shaun, Asher and Powell treat a young patient on Halloween with a rare hereditary disease, sending them down an uncharted path. Meanwhile, Glassman and Shaun must overcome their differences to work together to try and find a solution for Lim’s paralysis.

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The last two episodes filmed in season 5 were rolled over into season 6 which makes the third episode filmed this season episode five.

Filming in Vancouver:

The Good Doctor started filming season 6 with Freddie Highmore as the brilliant, autistic, now-married Dr. Shaun Murphy in early August.

Filming dates: August 03 2022 – April 17 2023,

Episodes: 22.

Showrunners: David Shore and Liz Friedman,.

Cast: Freddie Highmore, Richard Schiff, Christina Chang, Will Yun Lee, Hil Harper, Fiona Gubelmann, Paige Spara, Noah Galvin, Bria Samone Henderson, Brandon Larracuente, Savannah Welch.

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