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VALIANT ONE With Chase Stokes & Lana Condor Wraps Filming in Vancouver

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VALIANT ONE With Chase Stokes & Lana Condor Wraps Filming in Vancouver

Valiant One, starring Chase Stokes and Lana Condor, is inspired by a real helicopter crash of U.S. soldiers on the North Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone. The thriller wraps filming in Vancouver this week.

After a deadly helicopter crash, a team of US soldiers find themselves on the North Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone (the DMZ). The crash has killed the team’s leadership, so Eddie Brockman (Chase Stokes) is now the highest-ranking soldier and the new team lead – a position he is unprepared for. 

With tensions between North and South Korea already teetering on the edge of war, the team gets no US military rescue. Brockman must adapt and lead them out ASAP, to not only save himself and his team, but to prevent a full-blown war.

Chase Stokes: From Pogue to Soldier.

Outer Banks.

Valiant One.

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Vancouver filming dates: September 26 2022 – November 01 2022.

Director: Steve Barnett

Cast: Chase Stokes, Lana Condor, Desmin Broges, Callan Mulvey, Jonathan Whitesell, Daniel Jun.

Chase Stokes plays new team leader Eddie Brockman.

Chase Stoke Story.

Lana Condor plays medic specialist Selby.

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Desmin Broges plays civilian defence contractor Josh Weaver.

Lana Condor Instagram.

Callan Mulvey plays Delta Operative Chris Lebold.

Lana Condor Instagram.

Jonathan Whitesell plays adrenaline junkie Private First-Class Jonah Ross.

Daniel Jun plays Korean-American Infantry Specialist Wilson Lee, who doesn’t speak Korean beyond a few words.  

Chase Stoke Instagram.

Filming in Vancouver.

Chase Stokes Instagram:

Lana Condor stories:

Lana Condor’s last day was on Halloween.

Producers: Monarch Media.

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