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YELLOWJACKETS Star Juliette Lewis is Cut Throat Bill in THE THICKET Filming in Alberta

YELLOWJACKETS Star Juliette Lewis is Cut Throat Bill in THE THICKET Filming in Alberta

Yellowjackets star Juliette Lewis plays a killer named Cut Throat Bill in the dark western thriller The Thicket, with Peter Dinklage, filming in Calgary this month.

Yellowjackets screenshot.

I’ll look slightly unrecognizable [as Cut Throat Bill] — Juliette Lewis to The Washington Post.

Set in west Texas, the film follows a boy who, after his sister is kidnapped by a violent killer known only as Cut Throat Bill (Juliette Lewis), enlists a fierce bounty hunter named Reginald Jones (Peter Dinklage) who grudgingly becomes the leader of the group of outcasts searching for the stolen girl.

The Thicket.

Alberta filming dates: March 01 2023 April 04 2023.

Writer: Chris Kelley, Joe R. Lansdale (author).

Director: Elliott Lester

Cast: Peter Dinklage, Juliette Lewis, Esme Creed-Miles (Hanna), Levan Hawke, Leslie Grace, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Macon Blair, James Hetfield, Ned Dennehy, Andrew Schulz, Arliss Howard.

Adapted from the dark western thriller by Joe R. Lansdale.


Jack Parker (Levin Hawke) knows all too well how treacherous turn-of-the-century East Texas can be. His parents did not survive a smallpox epidemic. His grandfather was murdered. Now his sister Lula (Esme Creed-Miles) has been kidnapped by a criminal who may believe wearing a dead man’s clothes protects them both from death. 

With bounty hunter Shorty, a charismatic and cunning dwarf, and Eustace, a gravedigging son of an ex-slave, the heartbroken young Jack sets off on an epic quest to rescue his sister from the corrupt men who control much of the new territory. 

Producer: Tubi.

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