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JFK Thriller ASSASSINATION With Al Pacino as Mobster May Film in Victoria / Vancouver

JFK thriller Assassination, about a 1963 mob plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, may film in Victoria and Vancouver. Al Pacino is attached to play senior mob boss Tony Arcado.

About how the notorious Chicago mobster Sam Giancana arranged the assassination of President John F Kennedy, as revenge for trying to bring down organized crime after the mob helped put JFK in the White House.

The drama will focus on previously untold events that took place during the 48 hours before the assassination of America’s 35th president in November 1963. The story will unveil the mob’s version of the assassination—payback for JFK’s snubbing of Giancana after he helped get Kennedy elected, and for Robert Kennedy’s investigation into and attempt to dismantle organized crime.


Working title: 2 DAYS/1963.

Writer: David Mamet.

Director: Barry Levinson,

Cast: Al Pacino, Shia LaBeouf.

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