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LAW & ORDER TORONTO: CRIMINAL INTENT Shooting Seasons 2 & 3 Back to Back

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent, which follows detectives investigating high-profile crime and corruption in Canada’s largest city, is shooting seasons 2 and 3 back to back over ten months.

Produced by Canadian Tassie Cameron, the spinoff stars Canadians Aden Young as Det Sgt. Henry Graff , Kathleen Munroe as Det Sgt. Frankie Bateman, Karen Robinson as Insp. Vivienne Holness and K.C. Collins as Dep Crown Attorney Theo Forrester.

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent – Seasons 2 & 3

Toronto filming dates: July 08 2024 – May 03, 2025 | Shooting seasons 2 & 3 back-to-back.

Showrunner: Rookie Blue’s Tassie Cameron. 

Cast: Aden Young, Kathleen Munroe, Karen Robinson, K.C. Collins, Nicola Correia-Damude, Araya Mengesha.

Producers: Lark Productions, Cameron Pictures, Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment, Citytv, Universal Entertainment.

Filming in Toronto:

Like most of the original Law & Order stories, each of our episodes is inspired by a Canadian headline (sometimes even two or three). Our goal is take a story you may already know and turn it in a different and unexpected direction from what actually happened. — Law & Order Toronto producers.

Season one cases were inspired by ripped from Toronto headlines like Rob Ford ‘s “Crack Mayor” scandal in 2013, when a video of the then-Mayor smoking crack cocaine went viral.

Another case fictionalized former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi’s BDSM/rough sex scandal.

And the season finale had Karla Homolka vibes with the accomplice to a convicted killer living a nice life with her new husband in a Toronto cul-de-sac until a neighbour discovers who she really is.

All the cases are set against a backdrop of real locations in the city as Toronto becomes a character in the series just as New York City is a character in the original series and spinoffs.

Law & Order Toronto premiered last February with what-would-be-the-show’s first victim celebrating at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (where I occasionally crewed) on Toronto Island, with the CN Tower, SkyDome and downtown skyline behind him.

And later with the show’s detectives and crown attorney striding past Toronto City Hall.

The series premiere also featured the Toronto Harbourfront, Little India and Chinatown.

With multiple locations per episode, Location Managers Andrew Gainor and Bryn Garrison and Locations Scout  Malcolm McCulloch told DGC Ontario that they would sometimes scout up to five different locations a day.

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent season 2 premieres next year on CityTV.