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Netflix’s UNTAMED Series With Eric Bana & Sam Neill is in Production in British Columbia

Netflix’s new mystery thriller series Untamed, starring Aussie Eric Bana and Kiwi Sam Neill (whose blood cancer is in remission) has started production in British Columbia.

Kyle Turner (Eric Bana), a special agent for the National Parks Service, works to enforce human law in nature’s vast wilderness. The investigation of a brutal death sends Turner on a collision course with the dark secrets within the park, and in his own past.

Sam Neill co-stars as Yosemite’s chief park ranger Paul Souter, a husband, father, grandfather and friend to Turner.

Rosemary DeWitt is Turner’s ex-wife Jill Bodwin, a former teacher and park counsellor, who remarried a few years after their divorce.

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BC filming dates: June 25 2024 – September 26 2024

Showrunners: Mark L. Smith, Elle Smith 

Cast: Eric Bana, Sam Neill, Rosemary DeWitt, Lily Santiago, Wilson Bethel.

Soundstages: North Shore Studios.

Producers: John Wells Productions, Warner Bros TV, Netflix.