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Hallmark’s THE CHICKEN SISTERS Wraps Filming at End of July in Vancouver

New Hallmark series The Chicken Sisters, about duelling fried chicken restaurants, is expected to wrap production in Vancouver at the end of July.

Starring Schuyler Fisk, Genevieve Angelson, Lea Thompson and Wendie Mallick and adapted from K.J. Dell’Antonia’s best-selling novel, The Chicken Sisters began filming in early May.

The Chicken Sisters is a family drama dipped in southern charm and served up with a saucy side of romance. The setting is the fictional town of Merinac, where a generations-old rift between dueling fried chicken restaurants – Mimi’s and Frannie’s – has left the founders’ families fractured and the locals taking sides.

When popular cooking competition show Kitchen Clash comes to town, this could be the recipe for ending this feud once and for all. But things are fixing to heat up both inside and outside of the kitchen as the reality show spotlight causes sparks to fly as secrets are spilled and feathers get ruffled.

Genevieve Angelson has been enjoying the local scenery, spending the July 4th holiday at Tofino on Vancouver Island.

The Chicken Sisters:

Episodes: 8.

Working title: Nesting.

Filming dates: May 06 2024 – July 30 2024.

Showrunner: Annie Mebane

CAST: Schuyler Fisk, Genevieve Angelson, Lea Thompson, Wendie Malick.

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