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THANK YOU FRINGENUITY — You Made a Difference

“Fringe is a story about love strong enough to break the world, and strong enough to heal it.”

That’s the quote inside the Thank You cards given by the Frinegnity team to Fringe cast, crew and others who made a difference to their show. And we should be thanking them. After all, when Fringe was in danger of not being renewed for this fifth and final season, it was Fringenuity who organized thousands of fans around the world to fight for it through Friday night Twitter and Get Glue campaigns. And it worked. On this final Fringe Friday, let’s pay tribute to them. They made an incalculable difference: Annie, @birdandbear; Aimee, @aimeeinchains; Kelly, @fringeship; Emma @dalliel; Cheri @cheribot, and Tas, @tribeoftyrones plus special ops Nikolai, @nikolai3d  and Sarah, @sarahproost, and  the operatives on location in Vancouver who picked up the Thank You packages and distributed them, getting hugs from crew: Lyn, @runpaceyrun and Michelle.

The Fringe coin inside the Thank You card.

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