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Hamilton Street

Occupy Vancouver-Style Tent City on CONTINUUM – Updated

Continuum crew set up an Occupy Vancouver-style Tent City on the CBC Vancouver plaza in March to do two days of filming for episode six, Time’s Up. On the first day of shooting, a peaceful protest rally against fake oil company Exotrol escalates to violence with prop Vancouver Mounted Police on the scene to control the fake rioters throwing prop bricks. [Update: Rachel Nichols’s Kiera Cameron and Victor Webster’s Carlos Fonnegra arrive before the violence and cop-from-the-future Kiera sees her first horse.]

I blame the terrorists-from-the-future Liber8 for inflaming these present-day dissenters, who carry handmade signs saying things like — I’ll Believe Corporations Are People When Texas Executes One (my favourite); Stop the Pipe Line; Fish Can’t Breathe Oil; Oil & Water Do Not Mix;, My Mom Taught Me to Share; Save Mother Earth; It’s Time to Think Outside the Barrel; Your Fault My Problem;  and No Fracking Way!

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