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Lord Byng High School

WEEK: October 15-21, 2012

SET: EMILY OWENS M.D.’s Robert H. Johnson High School

If you’ve seen any of the teasers or trailers for upcoming The CW hospital drama series Emily Owens, M.D., then you’ll know that social nerd Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) has conversations with her younger high school self through a chain link fence. I’ve seen the hospital side of these conversations at the University of British Columbia’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre made to look like Denver Memorial Hospital. And today I hoped to catch the school side of these conversations at Lord Byng High School made to look like Robert H. Johnson High School. But mis-timed it. Here’s the set. And here’s a link to the new show poster of frazzled Emily — Practicing Medicine. Working on Life.

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