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Misha Collins Returns to #Supernatural in “Born-Again Identity”

Castiel returns this Friday night in the hilariously-titled episode, Born-Again Identity. It’s been a long wait for the much-missed Misha Collins to come back to Supernatural. Our last image of his Castiel as GOD was the heartbreaking sight of a floating beige raincoat in Coquitlam’s Como Lake early this season, after the Leviathons inside blew him apart.

Earlier this month Misha Collins revealed to TV Guide that he is still Castiel but in a much different form. I noted that TV Guide’s first look is a strategic photo showing  Collins from the neck up only, back in a not-the-Impala with his buddy Dean, aka Jensen Ackles. I was one of the lucky few who actually saw Collins at the beginning of February filming the first of what is said to be a three-episode arc. I was photographing yet another not-the-Impala at the set off Commercial Drive in Vancouver when Misha Collins unexpectedly walked down the pathway from the house and into the shot.

I uploaded some photos to Flickr but didn’t mention that a tiny Misha Collins was in a shot, not wanting to spoil his return. Some fans met Collins later that day on set and also chose not to spoil his appearance. But now that there are promos and authorized leaks to TV sites, I can confirm there is no beige raincoat in sight. Collins looks like a father who golfs in a long-sleeved blue sweater and chinos. A handsome father who golfs, but not our Angel.

Tune in this Friday night at 9 p.m. to The CW in the U.S. and SPACE on Sunday at 7 p.m. in Canada.

UPDATE: Dean gave Castiel his signature beige raincoat back and Cas redeemed himself by saving Sam. I expect Misha Collins to return but not in a three-episode arc as suggested by TV Guide.

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