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#WakeupLucy – Parminder Nagra on set at #Alcatraz – Updated

Showrunners teased several big moments from tonight’s two-hour finale during the Alcatraz panel at WonderCon over the March break, including Lucy’s reintegration back into present day after finally waking up from her long coma. Lucy Banerjee, played by Parminder Nagra, was shot by the sniper convict Ernest Cobb during the second episode and then revealed to have her own past life on Alcatraz as hasn’t-aged-a-day psychiatrist-to-the-inmates Dr. Lucille Sengupta.

After a long wait, fans who created hashtag #WakeupLucy finally got some relief a week ago when Lucy opened her eyes in the last scene of episode eleven. Tonight we will see the scenes I photographed below, filmed in late February, of Parminder Nagra on location with Jorge Garcia and Sam Neill outside Belkin House dressed as the MacAlister Institute in downtown Vancouver. Unfortunately, there was little to suggest the romantic attachment that formed between Nagra and Sam Neill’s characters in their past lives on Alcatraz, when his Emerson Hauser was a young policeman. But I only caught a glimpse of their reunion. UPDATE: Turns out Hauser is pointing and saying, “You shouldn’t be here,” out of concern for Lucy’s safety.


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