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FAN EXPO: CONTINUUM Presentation at Fan Expo Vancouver

How did Continuum creator Simon Barry conceive of a Vancouver in 2077 which has become North America’s financial centre in a world where corporations have taken over failed governments? By reading and watching the news, of course. He calls it more science fact than science fiction. In this dystopian future, rising seas from global climate change have wiped out the east coast but Vancouver is protected by a dam across English Bay.

So why hasn’t the Lions Gate Bridge been dealt with in 2077?,  joked one of the Continuum panel at Vancouver Fan Expo last Saturday. Is the city all bike lanes in 2077?,  joked a fan during the Q & A, prompting Barry to respond that there are no cars at all in his future Vancouver.

Continuum, originally called Out of Time in his pilot script, is part sci fi, part police procedural about a future officer Kiera Cameron, played by Rachel Nichols, who travels back in time from Vancouver in the year 2077 to Vancouver in the year 2012, chasing a group of terrorists who plan to change the future from the past. In this photo I took of the teaser shown at Fan Expo, Cameron finds herself on Granville Street, hopefully not on Friday night among all the drunken rowdies.

Somehow she winds up helping the 2012 Vancouver police force investigate crimes committed by these terrorists-from-the-future with Victor Webster as her detective partner.

But are they really terrorists? In a future world ruled by corporations, perhaps they are freedom fighters? They sure looked bad ass in the teaser. Even pigeons got out of the way of Roger Cross, who plays their leader.

But during the panel, Roger Cross, Lexa Doig, and Tony Amendola didn’t look scary at all.

Until they raised their fists and shouted Liber8!

Continuum premieres at 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 27th, on Showcase in Canada.

2 thoughts on “FAN EXPO: CONTINUUM Presentation at Fan Expo Vancouver”

  1. Wow – sounds fantastic Simon congratulations I just wish we were there to watch the Premier. Good luck.
    Maggie and Maddie

  2. No cars in 2077 Vancouver, in a world utterly dominated by corporations? Why couldn’t the car industry persuade the corporate government to preserve it?

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