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Mamie Gummer of TV Pilot Emily Owens, M.D. (formerly First Cut) at University of British Columbia

Students at the University of British Columbia did a double take last Friday entering their Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, which had suddenly been renamed Denver Memorial Hospital in preparation for Saturday’s shoot. It featured Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter) filming some scenes for The CW’s hospital drama pilot Emily Owens, M.D. (formerly First Cut).

Gummer, who we’ve seen most recently on The Good Wife, stars as social nerd and new doctor Emily,who finds life at Denver Memorial Hospital a lot like high school, where the popular students are people like former model Justin Hartley (the Green Arrow on Smallville) as a surgical intern.

Other Denver Memorial students include Michael Rady (The Mentalist) as a surgical resident, Kelly McReary (White Collar) as an intern and Aja Naomi King (Person of Interest) as a surgical intern. The teachers include Necar Zadegan (The Event) as a “rock star” heart surgeon. And the “principal”, or more accurately the chief of staff overseeing them all, is Jack Coleman (Heroes) [since recast].

Several Vancouver locations have doubled as Denver Memorial Hospital over the filming of the pilot from Burnaby Central Secondary School to Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam to the main entrance of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia below.

I watched them film a tracking shot of Mamie Gummer as Emily entering the main entrance of Denver Memorial/Irving K. Barber on an unseasonably cold, but seasonably wet March afternoon here, but arrived too late to see any other cast. Gummer looked mighty cold waiting between takes under a production assistant’s umbrella in a big black hooded coat.

3 thoughts on “Mamie Gummer of TV Pilot Emily Owens, M.D. (formerly First Cut) at University of British Columbia”

  1. I think that’s Jack Coleman in the bottom photo with his back to me. I just couldn’t be sure so I didn’t say but hopefully now I’ll have more chances to see him on set.

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