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PREVIEW: Tonight’s The Consultant on FRINGE

Oh how I wish I’d photographed Fauxlivia vs Meana or Walter crossing over to the Other Side to investigate a Fringe case that touches both universes, but episode eighteen The Consultant is not one where I saw any of the over-there scenes being filmed in Vancouver. Not even Walter, Fauxlivia and Lincoln Lee or  Lincoln Lee and Fauxlivia on the wharf east of Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, doubling as the dock to Liberty Island in the alt-universe.

What I did see was equally wonderful: the Fringe “family” of Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and Walter Bishop (John Noble) back together outside Walter’s lab, filming at CBC Vancouver in mid-February:

And POlivia, aka Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham, filming under the Burrard Bridge.

If I’d gone down to see this scene at ground level I might have witnessed a reunion of Dawson’s Creek castmates Joshua Jackson and Eion Bailey. Bailey, in town to play the mysterious August on Once Upon a Time, cycled by the set on a day off.

Tonight I’ll be live-tweeting The Consultant’s west coast broadcast using this week’s Fringenuity hashtag #AcrosstheUniverse. And will revisit this post once I know who or what Big Bad David Robert Jones is targeting next and how the scenes I photographed fit into the story.

And I’ll start work on a bigger blogpost for my #YVRShoots series in Vancouver is Awesome about next week’s pivotal episode nineteen, Letters of Transit, where the Fringe team takes on the Observers in the year 2036 in a war that will change everything. Joshua Jackson told that “the door to the fifth season is opened” in this episode and plays into the decision to film two endings this season. That explains the extra long shoot for the two-part season four finale here, which wrapped on Tuesday. All of us hope for the fifth season renewal so we can see the ending that takes us forward into more Fringe.

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