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Rock Star Memorial at Vancouver’s Marine Building for TV Pilot DAKOTA

A couple of Saturdays ago, I found a prop memorial to fictious ’90s rock star Joey Dakota outside the entrance to the iconic Marine Building in downtown Vancouver. I photographed it to illustrate the story of American TV pilot Dakota, which is based on an Israeli time-travel musical romance which ran for 200 half-hour episodes in the Middle East.

Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker) is the dead music icon Joey Dakota pictured below. A young filmmaker Maya, played by Amber Stevens (Greek), is making a documentary about his life and somehow travels back in time and falls in love with her subject, only to be thrown back to the present. She then struggles to find a way back to her love Joey Dakota and prevent his death with the help of Scott Wolf (V)’s mysterious man who’s done some time-travelling himself.

Dakota filmed here from March 28th to April 5th using production signs JD. I followed some JD signs south on Granville Street to find what might be the rock star home of Joey Dakota set up in a Vancouver mansion on SW Marine Drive, just a few houses west of fellow CW pilot The Selection filming at Casa Mia. Small world.

From the iconic Marine Building in downtown Vancouver, Dakota was next spotted on Columbia Street in downtown New Westminster on April 5th, even closing the local Waves Coffee for a night shoot. And that was a wrap for this mysterious musical time-travelling romance pilot for a proposed hour-long series.

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