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Spoilers from #Supernatural Season Seven Finale Scenes in Gastown – Updated

It seems Bobby Singer is still angry with Dick Roman, the Leviathon CEO, for shooting him dead. Supernatural filmed a season finale scene last night in Gastown of Jim Beaver as Bobby staring at a Dick Roman news item on an array of flat screen TVs for sale in the window of an electronics store set.

Across Carrell Street outside the Blarney Stone, a dozen fans watched the filming, spinning theories about what we were seeing. We think it’s ghost Bobby not a come-back-to-life Bobby, but it’s only a guess. We’ll have to wait for the season finale to air to find out.

In between takes, some watched the Vancouver Canucks lose their first playoff game on the big screen inside the pub. I retreated to the back of the Coffee Bar at 12 Water Street to warm up, dry out, and use wifi. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a handsome man in blue come out of the Boneta Restaurant to talk on his phone in the inner courtyard. It was Misha Collins, dining where Supernatural had set up a holding area for background performers in the late shoot, even though crew said he had no scenes that night.

Later he and his companion walked past the electronics store set to chat with crew and Jim Beaver. And as only I can do, I took a photo of Misha Collins where I’m the only who knows he’s in it (he’s one of the shadowy figures on the right).

While it was great to see Jim Beaver on set again, we were hoping for the return of something else too — the Impala. But there was no need for the Impala or one of the not-the-Impalas either since neither of the Winchester brothers were on set last night. Jared Padalecki’s Sam did film interior scenes in the afternoon in an office above the inner courtyard at 12 Water Street. I didn’t see him coming and going but others did, along with some extras in lab coats (so must have been scenes with Sanctuary’s Robert Lawrenson in the lab coat inside Sucrocorp with young Kevin the prophet).

After dark, Supernatural set up to film a scene in the rain on the sidewalk outside the Rainier Hotel of a dark-haired woman in a pink maid’s uniform. (As we discover in There Will Be Blood, this is Bobby inhabiting her body and explains why there are scenes of her and then Jim Beaver’s Bobby at the electronics store set.)

The Bob’s Valley Hardware sign is a bit of set dressing added to the hotel.

And much much later last night, the black-haired woman in the pink maid’s uniform and Bobby were expected to have a fight in Blood Alley, dressed with prop neon signs like Neil’s Tavern, Pat’s Pub, The Liberty and a generic Hotel sign. (Although since it turns out this was Bobby fighting to regain control of her body so it was not fighting the good fight after all.)

I didn’t stick around but hope that Bobby kicked some butt. Jim Beaver certainly did this season when he helped perpetuate the ruse that he wasn’t coming back to Supernatural, telling anyone who ran into him in Vancouver that he was in town to film a movie at Whistler. He even tweeted photos of snowscapes from our local ski resort. Well played Jim Beaver. Well played.

UPDATE: Supernatural season seven finale made me cry all over again about Bobby Singer. “Here’s to running into you guys on the other side – only not too soon,” he told his idjits. Please come back somehow, Jim Beaver. Ruses welcome.

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