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WRAP: THE KILLING’s Drink Menu at the Vancouver Wrap Party

Sounds like The Killing cast and crew had a few too many rounds from the special Drink Menu at last night’s season two wrap party in Vancouver. What a clever idea. A series of drinks named after the victim, the Rosie (vodka, cranberry, soda, lemon); the detectives, the Linden (gin, soda, lime juice) and the Holder (rum, coke, lime juice); the prime suspect of season one, the Richmond (rye, ginger, orange); and the as-yet-unknown the Killer (shots of tequila). Some party photos are now surfacing on Twitter including one of Patrick Gilmore and Billy Campbell sandwiched between three young women, with victim Rosie Larsen herself on the right, aka Katie Findlay.

Congratulations all. The wrap party means that after a two-season investigation The Killing has finally filmed the answer to the question: Who Killed Rosie Larsen? That might sound sarcastic. It’s not meant to be. When we find out who killed Rosie in June, it will be only Day 26 or so of the investigation, which isn’t that long in the real world. It just seems slower because it’s been spread out over two 13-episode seasons.

Of course I’ve seen some great spoilers of the last seven “days” being filmed here, which I won’t share right now. Except one. Last Sunday, Billy Campbell’s Darren Richmond vowed to destroy Mayor Lesley, after learning that he was the one who framed him with the fake toll booth photo which got Richmond arrested, shot and confined to a wheel chair. It should be no surprise to anyone that the Seattle Mayoral race is back ON.


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