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Patrick Gilmore’s Getting-Ready Tweets for the LEO AWARDS Gala

When I caught up with nominee Patrick Gilmore’s tweets on Saturday ahead of the Leo Awards gala , I knew I wanted to do a short post about him primping and prepping for his big night. Like his wickedly-funny lead role in puppets and porn mockumentary Sunflower Hour, this read like a debauched twist on the traditional celeb diary:

9:46am – First task today is to lay out my lucky underwear. Granted I get more lucky when I don’t wear underwear, I’m hedging my bets. #Leos [He attached a photo of rows of swim wear/briefs? hanging on racks]

10:12am – Why screw with fate? It’s more likely I’ll lose my pants tonight. #Leos

11:34am – 1 hour of studying, I now have Stallone’s reaction to Peter Finch winning down pat. I’m gonna nail it. #Leos [He attached a link to a youtube video]

3:19pm – My attempt to get an authentic JBF Hair look has only led to Pillow Crease Face & an entire day spent sleeping. #Leos

4:49pm – 11mins from Red Carpet. Practicing my taking points, “P-a-t-r-i-c-k, Gilmore…that’s G-i-l…nevermind.” #Leos

5:42pm- Free champagne & autographs. [This tweet attached a photo taken by Sunflower Hour buddy Ben Cotton of Gilmore drinking champagne and signing grapher Justin’s chest at the top of the stairs to the convention floor of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.]

That’s the photo I wish I’d taken. The combination of a dimly-lit Media Wall and a non-professional camera defeated me. I did learn to adjust and got lucky once or twice but not in time for the Sunflower Hour boys — Ben Cotton, Patrick Gilmore and Peter New.

Inside the gala, the tweets continued:

7:16pm- Beer count-3. Pants drop count-1. Show hasn’t started. #Leos

8:00pm- …oh, also, the bartender has been serving me non-alcoholic beer. Show is starting & I’m still on square one.  #Leos

8:02pm- Girl I went to highschool with reintroduces herself. I float the idea I may have been obnoxious back then. She confirms it. #Leos
9:43pm- My cheeks are numb. How are you? #Leos
10:17pm- Didn’t win but I did make $10 on a bet that my buddy Ryan Robbins would win. #Leos
 10:42pm-So, the Vancouver Province posted all the Leo winners over 1hr ago. I coulda saved myself 4 non-alcoholic beers.  #Leos
1:05am- The night is done for this cowboy. Some friends won, some friends did not. And I, I wore some awesome underwear. #Leos
I think I speak for all of Patrick Gilmore’s  Twitter followers in saying I hope he gets nominated again next year.

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