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SHOOT: The Kiss on ONCE UPON A TIME Season Finale – Updated

So magic is coming to Storybrooke. Uh-oh. But before that happened there was one lovely moment in the season finale when our favourite Once Upon a Time couple — both on and off screen — realized who they really are and got their happy ending for however long it lasts.

“Snow,” yells Josh Dallas’s David from one side of Main Street in Storybrooke. Ginnifer Goodwin’s Mary Margaret turns and says “Charming” from the other side of the street. And then the pair half-run to one another.”You found me,” she says. “Did you ever doubt I would?” he replies as he picks her up and twirls her around in a kiss to end all kisses. True love wins, at last. Except maybe for those producers in the background, analyzing each take on their monitors. The mechanics of staging such a romantic scene made me laugh.

After this epic kiss was done to everyone’s satisfaction, real-life couple Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin walked by me hand in hand down Main Street in Storybrooke/Moncton Street in real-life Steveston.

ABC officially renewed Once Upon a Time for a second season but it will be a long wait to find out what Storybrooke will be like with magic. Will August/Pinocchio come back to life?

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