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PREVIEW: FRINGE Season Four Finale – Brave New World

I’m so relieved that tonight is not the start of Fringe Division’s last stand. We have a whole new season of thirteen episodes for that. Instead, Fringe Division only has to face off against this season’s Big Bad, David Robert Jones, to save two worlds in the season four finale Brave New World.

At some point in the two-part finale, we will get to see the full might of Olivia Dunham’s cortexiphan powers, hopefully aimed straight at David Robert Jones. But first she helps Rebecca Mader’s Jessica, a victim of another of Mr. Jones’s experiments.  I photographed Anna Torv’s Olivia Dunham saying goodbye to Lost’s Charlotte in downtown Vancouver’s Cathedral Park on Friday, March 23rd.

The following week, I spotted Fringe filming a fight scene between Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop and Jared Harris’s David Robert Jones in the pouring rain on the roof of a building in east Vancouver, near the old British Columbia Sugar Refinery. I have not shared these photos until today, but noticed a clip of Anna Torv’s Olivia Dunham with a satellite antenna like the one below in a FOX promo.

This was just one in a week of night shoots for Fringe all over the Vancouver area.

Update: I didn’t see any of the scenes of humans spontaeously combusting being filmed either outside B.C. Place near the Georgia Viaduct or inside the Vancouver Convention Centre. And was completely in the dark about William Bell’s role as the chess master behind David Robert Jones, so I watched most of this episode slackjawed.

3 thoughts on “PREVIEW: FRINGE Season Four Finale – Brave New World”

    1. Sorry it took me so long to check out the Fringe Zombies. Love that Zombie Peter is wearing his navy peacoat. And that Zombie Walter is eating brains. Walter is always eating something. Why not brains?

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