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THE KILLING – Recap of Days Seventeen to Nineteen of the Investigation

Linden & Holder. The dynamic detective duo are back together for days seventeen to nineteen of The Killing investigation into the death of Seattle teenager Rosie Larsen. And it’s wonderful to watch and listen to them. I got to see quite a bit of Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman filming these scenes inside lead homicide detective Sarah Linden’s silver car in various spots around Vancouver-as-Seattle’s downtown and downtown eastside, but couldn’t hear any of their often funny dialogue.

Day Sixteen ends with Linden & Holder staking out the Larsen residence and Holder attempting to explain his actions to her: “Linden, I thought the [Darren] Richmond photo was legit. Kay. I mean Gil saved my life. I had 10 days in when I met him.” Linden is having none of it: “I don’t care. We’re in the middle of a shit storm because of you.” They follow an S.A. Larsen truck to Janek’s restaurant. Holder points out they’re not Stan Larsen’s guys: “They don’t got the overalls.”

The next day, the detective duo meet up with a mob expert with the FBI, who shows them a photo of the body of a man hands-bound with a single shot to his head in the trunk of a car and tells them that it was Stan Larsen who whacked him. Back at the police station, it’s another fun food conversation with Linden asking Holder: “Mmmmm is that bacon?” He replies: “Nah this is ham, eggs and sausage.” Linden: “What happened your whole lacto ova vegan thing?” Holder: “Nothing. I’m just ready to embrace meat again.” And then after a while, Holder brainstorms: “Maybe Rosie’s BFF knows about tattoo boy?”

After first stopping in to see the widow of the man killed by Stan Larsen, Linden & Holder go to Rosie’s school to ask her BFF, played by Vancouver’s own Kacey Rohl, what she knows about the Boy with the Manga Tattoo. She confirms seeing this boy hanging around Rosie’s place but that’s all.

They go to a juvenile hall to question the tattoo artist and discover the boy was a foster kid, Alexi Giffords, who lived three blocks from the Larsens. And then onto the stakeout scenes I saw being filmed in Strathcona. It was a long one and Holder got on Linden’s nerves to the point she made him get out of the car and left.

I couldn’t help but laugh. He was so Holder: “Yo I gotta piss. So Rosie likes bad boys like her father.” Linden doesn’t buy it but Holder presses on: “It’s in the DNA…sins of the fathers.” Linden: “Did you read that in O magazine?”

Then he teases her about the FBI Mob guy: “Oh snap, Linden rocked a booty call. Dial 1-900-Linden.” Linden replies: “It’s not even enough numbers.”  But when Holder starts pushing her Foster kid buttons she snaps. He reminds her she was a runner in her day and she gives him a warning look but he continues on: “I’m just making conversation since we’re wasting our time anyway.” Linden barks: “You’re right this is a waste of time. Get out!” Holder: “Come on Linden. What am I supposed to do out here?”. Linden: “Your job.” Holder: “Least we’re back to normal.” They are.

Linden goes to see Regi to ask to read a file on an ex-foster kid. The Regi and Linden talking on the dock scenes were filmed in late January at the Quayside Marina in Yaletown. Here are my photographs of Mireille Enos and Annie Corley being battered by wind and rain on their way to set and on set.

Meanwhile Holder is taking a piss when Alexi returns home. He chases him but can’t manage the fence. And Linden gets a peek at the file which tells her Alexi is the son of the man Stan Larsen whacked.

Alexi is brought in for questioning on Day Eighteen. The new lieutenant tells Linden & Holder that they only have him for eight hours. After both fail to crack him, Linden decides to tap Alexi’s phone to see if they can find any of his conversations with the victim. They find one of a scared Rosie saying she saw “him” again on her way to the casino and begging for Alexi’s help. But before Alexi can tell them who she was so frightened of, a high-priced lawyer springs him.

Linden & Holder wait outside the station to follow the lawyer’s car to see who hired him. I saw them filming this scene on Carrall Street in the downtown eastside. And a later scene of Linden & Holder tailing the lawyer’s town car to a fake Janek’s restaurant on East Cordova.

But Alexi is now determinded to help the detectives find Rosie’s killer. He sneaks into Holder’s car. They meet up with Linden and he tells them what little he knows about the man in the town car who Rosie was afraid of. And he tells them that Stan Larsen is not Rosie’s real father.

Linden & Holder spend much of Day Nineteen trying to investigate construction mogul Michael Ames, the father of Rosie’s rich ex-boyfriend Jasper played by The Haunting Hour’s Richard Harmon. Ames senior has always had lots of whores, his son says. And one of those is none other than Rosie’s aunt Terry, who’s just been dumped by him. The detectives try to rattle Ames, seeking his phone records and visiting his wife. But they are obstructed at every turn. Ames is protected. And beware  to anyone who tries to expose him. When Linden realizes someone has broken into her temporary home, she and her son Jack seek refuge at Holder’s place. As Holder and Jack wrestle for fun, a mysterious smoking man watches them in the window from the street outside.

Meanwhile, the story of  the now-paralyzed Seattle mayoral candidate and season one prime suspect Darren Richmond plays out parallel to the investigation. He’s a broken man. We’ve seen his campaign manager Jamie Wright trying to get him into a wheelchair. And then a humilating scene of Billy Campbell’s Richmond, who’s managed to escape outside briefly, talking to an attractive woman unaware that he’s pissed himself.

On Day Eighteen, Jamie meets up with an assistant D.A. and old friend to try to get some proof that Richmond’s politicial rivals framed him for the Rosie Larsen murder. This scene of Eric Ladin as Jamie Wright and Jennifer Spence as the assistant D.A. was filmed in Victory Square in early February.

Jamie comes back to see Richmond in hospital and tries to motivate him with the story of his grandfather who lost his leg and everything else but fought to get it all back. Richmond is unmoved until Jamie tells him that it was Mayor Lesley who framed him with the fake toll booth photo.  “I’ll destroy him,” vows Richmond.

On Day Nineteen, Richmond gives a media interview to announce his return to the  race, retelling the story of Jamie’s grandfather and Gwen Eaton, played by Kristin Lehman, returns to his campaign. The Seattle Mayoral race is back ON.


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