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FALLING SKIES 2nd Mass Resistance Takes a Stand at Comic-Con 2012

Falling Skies gives fans a heads-up on the remainder of its darker, second season filmed in Vancouver. Key members of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, but not  the alien invaders, will be on hand for a Q&A in the San Diego Convention Center: Noah Wyle (father Tom Mason), Drew Roy (Tom’s eldest son Hal) and Connor Jessup (Tom’s now unharnessed middle son Ben), along with Will Patton (leader of 2nd Mass), Moon Bloodgood (doctor and Tom’s new love interest), Sarah Carter (fighter Maggie and Hal’s new love interest) and last, but not least, Colin Cunningham (John Pope, the Beserkers leader with all the best lines). Second season showrunner Remi Aubuchon will be there as well to answer questions like — What’s the deal with the red-eyed Skitter, dubbed Red Eye? How could the show kill off Dylan Authors’ Jimmy (standing on the truck with Connor Jessup’s Ben in the photo below)?

Wil Wheaton (or Wheeeeaton!! as his nemesis Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory calls him) will moderate the panel session on Friday, July 13th at 4:30 p.m. in room 6BCF, with an autograph signing to follow at 6 p.m. at the Dark Horse Booth.

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