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PSYCH Plays Ball in Nat Bailey Stadium for 6×05 Tonight on Global TV – Updated

Vancouver Canadians fans who stayed after the game in Nat Bailey Stadium a year ago to play extras in a Psych series baseball episode can see themselves in the crowd tonight on Global TV.

Psych’s fifth epsiode — Dead Man’s Curve Ball — of the sixth season is about the mysterious death of the fictional minor league Santa Barbara Seabirds’ hitting coach, with Danny Glover (of Lethal Weapon fame), Michael Trucco (Fairly Legal/Battlestar Galactica) and Baseball Hall of Famer and 1996 World Series Champ Wade Boggs as guest stars. James Roday’s “psychic” detective Shawn Spencer infiltrates the team as a hitting coach and Dule Hill’s Burton “Gus” Buster as Sammy the Seagull, a big white bird mascot with giant yellow webbed feet (looking very much like Mascot Hall of Famer, the San Diego Chicken).

Trained tap dancer Dule Hill performs some tap dance moves in a routine that doesn’t please the fake fans but ends with him face down on a platform near the field doing the worm as his giant yellow feet flop up and down.

Michel Trucco plays the Santa Barbara Seabirds catcher and a childhood idol of Shawn Spencer’s.


Dule Hill’s stunt double wears the Sammy the Seagull mascot costume for the big fight scene.

What I didn’t see were scenes of  Shawn Spencer dressed as Sammy the Seagull to break into the Seabirds offices and then make a getaway in the Blueberry. James Roday does dress in the mascot costume, big yellow feet and all, to confront the killer. But in the end, Corbin Bernsen’s Dad Spencer upstages his son by knocking down the escaping murderer.

In a coda, James Roday’s Shawn Spencer takes a turn at bat, with a little coaching from Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs and a Psych crew chanting “Roday Roday Roday” when the cameras weren’t rolling. It does not go well and yet again, father upstages son.

Dead Man’s Curve Ball turned out to be a baseball lover’s dream both on and off the screen.

Psych’s season six is airing Mondays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Global TV in Canada.

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