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Sneak Peek of THE KILLING’s Linden & Holder on the Run + Recap of Days 22 & 23

After returning to the Wapi Eagle Casino again, our detective duo Linden & Holder find themselves on the run in Day 24 of the investigation into the murder of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen this Sunday on AMC.

At the end of March, Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden and Joel Kinnaman as Stephen Holder arrived on location in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to film their parts in a chase scene. A stunt double had been driving Holder’s beater car south on Prior Street (dressed with a 22 Ave NW street sign) through the Powell Street intersection in take after take. A blue unmarked chase vehicle gets boxed in as Holder’s car speeds away. Mireille Enos replaced her stunt double in the passenger seat for a shorter scene of Holder’s car making a sharp left turn into an alley.

Less than a week later, I watched them filming Linden & Holder on the run at night at Richmond City Hall dressed as Seattle City Hall, but I’ll hold onto those photos until I know if it’s in Day 24, entitled Bulldog.

To backtrack: Day 22 of the investigation found BFFs Linden & Holder returning to the casino where Rosie Larsen was last seen alive to get access to the 10th floor using her key. While Linden sneaks by, Holder distracts security in a hilarious scene. He’s single-handedly turned The Killing from a dead serious, morose drama into a dramedy: “Hey, what’s up guys. You winning?….Johnny Knoxville you doin’ it man…show me your cards man…I love your haircut man. It’s slick. It’s old-school slick…Where are the ladies?…I’m talkin’ real ladies. Ain’t no party without no trim….What’s up Bobby [casino security chief Roberta Drays] …I just want my phone back cupcake….Probably fell out of my pocket when you kicked the shit out of me the other day…Beware of the She-Wolf, she’ll crack your ribs…..Look at that [lifts up his shirt to show bruises]….Oh I found my phone…My Bad….My boss at SPD will love this one [takes photo with phone]…..Oh I’ll see myself out….Sayonara, Hiawatha!”

Up on the 10th floor, Linden figures out that Rosie Larsen must have been out on the balcony looking at the city lights when she witnessed something she shouldn’t have, something which got her killed.  As Linden tries to grab a blood-smeared key card from City Hall hiding underneath exposed floorboards, she’s hit on the back of the head and knocked to the floor unconscious.

Linden wakes up in lockdown in a Psychiatry Acute Ward on Day 23 of the investigation. Casino security has falsely claimed she attacked them as they prevented her from committing suicide by jumping off the balconey. Holder tries to get her released, seeking Regi’s help in scenes filmed at the Quayside Marina in Yaletown. But Regi says it’s up to the psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, Holder is figuring out what Rosie might have seen in the casino. He spots a Mayor Adams billboard at the waterfront construction site, filmed in North Vancouver east of Lonsdale Quay (I wish I’d known that but I didn’t until  I spotted Vancouver Drydocks in the background while watching the episode). Holder does some investigating and learns one of Janek Kovarsky’s men planted the Indian bones at the site and his arrest panicked project manager Michael Ames, casino manager and head of the Kalimish tribe Nicole Jackson and the person with the City Hall key card into meeting. Is this what Rosie Larsen saw? Is this why she was killed?

By the end of Day 23, Linden is out of the psych ward thanks to her former fiance Rick Felder (Callum Keith Rennie)’s help and sitting in the passenger seat of Holder’s car.

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