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THE KILLING Films at Vancouver Public Libary on Day 24 of Investigation – Updated

On Day 24 of the investigation into the murder of Seattle teen Rosie Larsen, the detective and political storylines intersect. At a downtown government building, Darren Richmond campaign advisor Gwen Eaton asks her Senator father to get a search warrant for the Wapi Eagle Casino from the attorney general, blackmailing him with the threat of exposing his complicity in now-Seattle Mayor Lesley Adams kissing her when she was an underage 14-year-old. Here are Alan Dale as the Senator and Kristin Lehman as his daughter Gwen doing the scene on the south plaza of the Central Vancouver Public Library on April 23rd.

The Killing crew spent that entire day dressing the atrium in the iconic Vancouver Public Library in red, white and blue and Darren Richmond posters. Here’s a link to Billy Campbell as Darren Richmond speaking at a rally after the 9 p.m. closing. I snapped some photos from an upper floor of them prepping for filming. And as I left, saw busload after busload of background performers arrive to play the crowd of voter and journalists. [It turns out that the VPL scenes were also in the season finale as the post-election rally where Linden & Holder come to arrest campaign manager Jamie Wright.]

Meanwhile, detective duo Linden & Holder spent much of Day 24 on the run from their own Seattle Police force after retrieving the bloodstained City Hall key card from the 10th floor of the Wapi Eagle Casino. At Richmond City Hall dressed as Seattle City Hall, they head upstairs to try the key card to see if it works at Mayor Adams’s offices, but it doesn’t as police gather outside (that’s Joel Kinnaman’s Holder at the top of the stairs inside Richmond City Hall).

Then when Linden & Holder try the key card at Darren Richmond’s offices it works, to their surprise, and they gain access. Is Rosie Larsen’s killer part of the Richmond campaign? One of the final shots of the episode is of Jamie Wright and Gwen Eaton in the wings as Darren Richmond wheels himself through a crowd of voters and media.

Update: A smart fan suggests that whomever the blood-stained key card belongs to had it re-programmed on hearing that Linden & Holder got hold of it.

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