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Who is Kiera’s Grandmother on CONTINUUM 1×05? – Updated

On Sunday’s night’s Continuum, entitled A Test of Time, our terrorists-from-the-future Liber8 decide to test a theory that they might cease to exist if their ancestors are killed. They target Kiera Cameron’s grandmother to see what would happen to Cameron if her grandmother died.

I saw Rachel Nichols’s Kiera Cameron filming a scene for episode five in early March at The Centre dressed as fictional Pacific Coastal University in downtown Vancouver. She talks to some of the students and then puts one of them in the back of the blue uunmarked Vancouver Police Department car. When I learned the epsiode logline, I wondered if this young woman could be Kiera’s grandmother in 2012.

Or will Kiera’s grandmother turn out to be Rosie Larsen herself, aka Katie Findlay. I didn’t see The Killing’s murder victim on location for this Continuum shoot but a promo photo shows Findlay sitting next to the bleeding girl I did see at The Centre. [Update: So Rosie Larsen is Kiera’s grandmother. Great casting.]

It should be a great wibbly wobbly timey wimey episode (in Doctor Who speak).

And hopefully will continue Continuum’s winning streak. Unlike so many of my favourite sci-fi shows which opened big and then lost big, our Vancouver-as-Vancouver show is holding onto its huge Canadian cable audience. From a 900,000 debut on Sunday at 9 p.m., the first run actual audience for episode two barely dipped  at 897,000 and held steady for episode three at 886,000. BBM has no actual numbers for episode four yet, but we should expect a drop due to a tough Canadian timeslot competitor, the annual MMVAs extravaganza on Queen Street in Toronto. Meantime, ignore the estimates and bask in the actual audience of a big Canadian sci-fi hit.

2 thoughts on “Who is Kiera’s Grandmother on CONTINUUM 1×05? – Updated”

  1. When I saw last weeks ad for the episode I was pretty sure Rosie Larsen had been re-incarnated to be Kieras gramdma.
    I saw Katie & Rachel film the scene where Katie leaves the store with all the pregnancy test kits & was told by crew “its Rachels characters sister” as it turns out…they were a bit off.

  2. Thanks Canadagraphs/John. You saw a great spoiler. Thought of adding it but it wasn’t mine to share. Katie Findlay was great casting. Looks like Rachel and played it so unRosie-like as a wild street girl.

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