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Supernatural Films at Stanley Park Pavilion on First Fraturday of Season 8 for 8×03 – Updated

Supernatural doesn’t film in downtown Vancouver that often, so when I hear they’re on location downtown, I make a point of going just to see what they’re up to. Tonight they booked the Stanley Park Pavilion near the famous Rose Gardens for a private function. Through a walkway in the east garden, a visiting German SPN fan and I could see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in ties, dress shirts and pants among white lawn tents. They had no suit jackets on this sunny, warm summer night, but being Supernatural there was smoke drifting through the air from nearby smoke machines. And new production signs pointing the way to set for Ackles-directed episode three.

Update: @DearHeartxoxo tells me the Pavilion should look familiar to SPN fans as a location from season five episode nine, The Real Ghostbusters, and because it is the site of the First Annual Supernatural Convention. Memories.

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