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SHOOT: Emilie de Ravin Films ONCE UPON A TIME in Steveston for 2×04 – Updated

Almost thought I’d witnessed a Claire-Hurley Lost reunion today on set in Steveston as Storybrooke. Yes that’s Emilie de Ravin in her now regular role as Belle on the modern fairy tale series. But that’s not Jorge Garcia with her, although showrunners do hope to bring him into the show sometime. I look forward to it.

[Update 1: And it’s happening sooner than I expected. Jorge Garcia has been cast as the Giant.]

[Update 2: On October 9th, ABC released photos of Emilie de Ravin’s Belle being kidnapped by Christopher Gauthier’s Smee for episode four, The Crocodile, so I don’t have to withhold that spoiler any longer.]

This next photo should go on Once Upon a Time’s season two blooper reel. The season one blooper reel is on the DVD/Blu-ray, available August 28th, and has a sneak peek of several cast sticking out or waggling their tongues as they flub lines.

Just as I was leaving Steveston, Josh Dallas and Robert Carlyle strolled by me on their way to set.  So I’ll have to wait for another day and another episode to see RumBelle (Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin and de Ravin’s Belle) in the same scene.

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