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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Films in Prickly Pear Garden Centre in Steveston for 2×04 – Updated

The Prickly Pear Garden Centre. Yes that’s its real name. And just about the perfect location for a modern day fairy tale series like Once Upon a Time it is too. Here’s Robert Carlyle showing his real handsomeness. Don’t be fooled by his characters Rumplestiltskin./Mr. Gold — he’s only “acting” hideous. This is one great-looking cast: Meghan Ory as Red/Ruby and Josh Dallas as Charming/David joined Carlyle on set later in the afternoon.

[Update: On October 9th, ABC released photos of Emilie de Ravin’s Belle being kidnapped by Christopher Gauthier’s Smee for season two’s  episode four, The Crocodile, and of the search party formed by Rumple, Charming and Red, so I don’t have to withhold those spoilers any longer.]

About a dozen fans, two from as far away as California, waited patiently up the street for a chance to meet the actors and have them sign handmade artwork and other memorabilia. I hope one was enterprising enough to buy and bring the season one DVD/Bluray of Once Upon a Time, released today.

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  1. First saw Robert Carlyle in a movie called “Go Now” about a man with MS. A super movie. He is so talented and yes very handsome!

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