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SHOOT: RED WIDOW’s Radha Mitchell & Lee Tergesen Filming in Yaletown Townhouse – Updated

Midseason ABC series Red Widow started filming its first episode as a series today in a Yaletown townhouse opposite George Weinborn Park. Mob widow Radha Mitchell emerged from the townhouse after some scenes and chatted a bit with co-star Lee Tergesen while waiting for a ride back to circus under the Granville Bridge. She then waved off her star car and clambered into the one of the vans.

But it seemed a bit early in the series for Lee Tergesen’s mob foot soldier Mike Tomlin to be strangling Radha Mitchell’s mob widow Marta Walraven, even in practice.  I’m sure it’s just the angle of my photograph.

[Deleted photo of actors I thought played Walraven kids after someone confirmed it wasn’t them]

After wrapping at the townhouse, production moved north to film more scenes out front and inside the lobby of the Guiness Tower in the office district.

Inspired by a popular Dutch TV series, Red Widow is about a San Francisco mobster’s widow forced to replace her husband as head of a crime syndicate after his murder. Penned and produced by Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg,  Red Widow is a mid-season eight-episode series for ABC. Here’s a link to a teaser and cast photo which doesn’t include the latest addition — ER’s Goran Visnjic as mafia mob boss Schiller.

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