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SHOOT: FRINGE Family Films at Pacific Central Station As Monorail Station Circa 2036 for 5×04

Fringe crew transformed Pacific Central Station in Vancouver into a New Jersey Monorail station circa 2036 on Thursday with bilingual signage in the English and Observer languages, Observers, Loyalist troops, Native citizens dressed in 1940s fashion, armoured jeeps and check points. I missed the day shoot outside and inside the main entrance to the station but caught the evening one on the north side with cast Joshua Jackson (who did his own stunt running across the hood of the Bishop mobile), John Noble and Georgina Haig in gas masks as the Bishops, who make their getaway in the faster-than-it-looks half-a-century-old family station wagon. One of the oddities of this shoot was seeing Observers and Loyalist troops with no eyes or mouths (which made it very difficult for these background performers to go to the craft table or anywhere else).

One of the couple of dozen Fringe fans on set throughout the day is trying to decipher the Observer language from the prop signage.

Bar code licence plate.

#TheyAreComing – Fringe season five premieres on Friday, September 28th at 9 p.m. on FOX in the U.S. and City-TV in Canada.


5 thoughts on “SHOOT: FRINGE Family Films at Pacific Central Station As Monorail Station Circa 2036 for 5×04”

  1. Ok, I was joking with a guy yesterday that the Fringe shirt TeeFury featured was creepy because they had *no faces*, and now we get a season one callback like this. Eerie…

  2. ! Our man Peter, creating a few Fringe events of his own!
    –things must be really dire, they didn’t use to kill people en masse, he and Walter wouldn’t spend lives wantonly.

    It’s good though to see Peter getting to be the action guy!

    1. Susan Gittins - YVRShoots

      I didn’t see enough to know whether Walter and Peter are responsible for the “no faces” but it is creepy, even knowing it’s makeup.

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