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SHOOT: FRINGE Family Films Under the Burrard Bridge for 5×04

Here’s something I didn’t expect to see in 2036: the Bishop mobile. I spotted it under the south end of Burrard Bridge in Vancouver where Fringe spent the day filming Tuesday. And it even had some Bishops leaning against it.

These photos in the shade under the bridge don’t do the day justice. It was just about perfect with Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop and Georgina Haig as his grownup daughter Etta strolling back and forth to circus at the nearby HRMcMillan Space Centre between setups. Of course, this being 2036 there were Observers on set too. I’m not sure if this one is helping or hurting our heroes.

Apparently there were scenes with simulated gunfire during the day and then in the evening some stunts, with a Peter Bishop stunt double on wires seemingly blown backwards by a grenade explosion (I only saw the one scene with the Bishop mobile from a path overlooking the set).

The Fringe family’s last stand is going to be one tough fight. These Observer overlords are just plain nasty to “native citizens”  Check out their cerebral scan protocol — “Your loyalty is not expected. It is required….While native citizens currently remain under Fringe Division supervision any infraction or suspicion of infractions are subject to a full cerebral scan….Heed. Obey. Serve.” — in a new Fringe promo from @jonxproductions.

#TheyAreComing on Friday, September 28th at 9 p.m. on FOX in the U.S. and City-TV in Canada.

10 thoughts on “SHOOT: FRINGE Family Films Under the Burrard Bridge for 5×04”

  1. Thanks, Susan, as always for the great pics and informative commentary. You, along with Ari & Bart, make the waiting more bearable! Thank you!

    1. Susan Gittins - YVRShoots

      Where Anna Torv’s Olivia is in season 5 is something I’ve chosen not to spoil. Will wait until after the season premiere airs.

        1. Susan Gittins - YVRShoots

          I’ve uploaded photos of Anna Torv on set but not in a scene. Of course she’s in season five but the showrunner hasn’t revealed how she’s there yet or whether she’s with the others in 2036.

  2. Wow, I was just saying to someone on Twitter a few days ago — when were joking about Josh’s comments about Peter not driving — that I wanted to see a refurbished Bishop Mobile… and there it is, though slightly rough looking, haha! Thanks for the pics, Susan.

  3. Susan Gittins - YVRShoots

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Like an old but well-worn friend. I’d love to see Gene too but unless she was encased in amber I think we’re out of luck 😉

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