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SHOOT: Look What FRINGE Did to the West End’s Sherburn Building For 5×06 – Updated

Look what Fringe crew did to the West End’s Sherburn Building yesterday. It didn’t look like this thirteen months ago when Fringe filmed scenes for Subject 9, season four’s pivotal episode when Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop returned to existence. Yesterday’s scenes, like most of season five, appear to be set in 2036 when Observer overlords rule the world, there’s a lot of dirt, decrepit cars and dead vegetation and Joshua Jackson’s amber-preserved Peter Bishop is a resistance fighter dressed in fashionable black [Update: along with Anna Torv’s Olivia and Jasika Nicole’s Astrid. The trio are  following John Noble’s Walter Bishop who’s gone rogue in a search for a child Observer he hid inside this building in  a pocket universe twenty years before.]

Crew dressed the street for episode 5×06 directed by Emmy-winning Canadian director Jon Cassar in the blue cap.

Fringe crew waving hello from their side of the street.

Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop drives a very dirty SUV.

#TheyAreComing — finally — this Friday September 28th, at 9 p.m. on FOX in the U.S. and Citytv in Canada.

2 thoughts on “SHOOT: Look What FRINGE Did to the West End’s Sherburn Building For 5×06 – Updated”

  1. Hey Susan, remember you said you had photos of Peter and Olivia from 5×02 that you wouldn’t share until closer the time…. could today be closer to that time? 😀

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