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SHOOT: Youngest in RED WIDOW’s Mob Family Does Own Stunt at Vancouver’s Victory Square – Updated

Inspired by a popular Dutch TV show, midseason ABC series Red Widow is about a San Francisco mobster’s widow, Marta Walraven, forced to replace her husband as head of a crime syndicate after his murder. She does this to protect her three children, two of whom were on set today at Victory Square in downtown Vancouver. The youngest — Jakob Salvati as Boris Walraven — did an impressive stunt for such a young actor in take after take. A crew member drew a mark in the centre of Hamilton Street where he would walk to with his TV sister — Erin Moriarty as Natalie Walraven — and then stop as a motorcycle turns the corner in front of them. Moriarity keeps walking as Salvati stays put, looking up at the motorcycle as a red car turns the corner next. Moriarity returns and pulls Salvati to the sidewalk as a blue van turns behind them. On the first take, Moriarity pulled a little too hard and ended up dragging Salvati to the sidewalk. He wasn’t hurt and seemed to enjoy himself as they did the scene over and over again with different camera setups.

The scene started with TV brother and sister walking west along Hastings Street.

Update: Young Boris (Jakob Salvati) is having a flashback to his father’s murder.  The killer rode a motorcycle.]

Red Widow is a mid-season eight-episode series for ABC, penned and produced by Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg. Here’s a link to a teaser and cast photo which doesn’t include the latest addition — ER’s Goran Visnjic as mafia mob boss Schiller. Visnjic has been spotted in Vancouver but not on location yet.

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