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SHOOT: PSYCH’s Hit-and-Run Stunt Outside the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Vancouver

Uh-oh. Barry Bostwick of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame might not survive TV series Psych’s 2-hour musical episode. He’s cast as the owner of a ritzy Santa Barbara theatre, probably played by the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver, where Psych is filming today and tomorrow. This afternoon Psych filmed Bostwick’s stunt double stumbling from the alley by the theatre onto Smithe Street where he is struck by a Cadillac in an apparent hit-and-run. It was a spectacular stunt, especially on the second take.

The stunt double hit the windshield with such force on the second take that he cracked it in a loud bang, causing some people in the Vancouver International Film Festival lineup across the street to scream in horror, thinking they’d witnessed a real hit-and-run accident. One concerned citizen even ran into the street to confront the driver. Job well done. Very well done.

The stunt double and his team look at the video footage.

Here is the stunt double trying out his roll off the car.

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