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SHOOT: RED WIDOW at its Russian Mob Restaurant in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – Updated

Midseason ABC series Red Widow — about San Francisco widow Marta Walraven forced to replace her mobster husband as head of a crime syndicate after his murder — filmed at its regular location in Lana Lou’s restaurant dressed as Cafe Rossiya in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside today. Australian Radha Mitchell, who stars as the widow, stayed inside the restaurant along with Erin Moriarty as her daughter Natalie, Luke Goss (Hellboy II) as bodyguard Luther and Lee Tergesen (Oz) as mob foot soldier Steven Tomlin in the morning scenes.

After those wrapped, a Red Widow steadycam crew filmed an exterior scene of Wil Traval (someone I haven’t seen on set before) as Irwin Lazarev [talking to Erin Cahill’s character and then] walking to his car.

Here’s Luke Goss as bodyguard Luther.

And Lee Tergensen as foot soldier Steven Tomlin.

And Sterling Beaumon as the eldest son Gabriel Walraven, who appeared on set while the exterior scene was being filmed.

Inspired by a popular Dutch TV series, Red Widow is an eight-episode series penned and produced by Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg. Here’s a link to a teaser and cast photo which didn’t include ER’s Goran Visnjic as mob boss Christian Schiller.

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