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BIG READ: PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD Dinosaurs Terrorize Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Published October 25, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome

Dinosaurs are running amok in Vancouver. And they’re hungry. New TV series Primeval: New World debuts this Monday, October 29th, on the SPACE channel.

A North American spinoff of the popular British series Primeval, co-showrunner Martin Wood describes the Vancouver version as a cop drama, but with dinosaurs as the crooks of the week. Very very large crooks. These anomalies suddenly appear and create havoc in our neighbourhoods like Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, downtown Vancouver, the Olympic Village, UBC’s Thunderbird Arena  and even a local Canadian Tire store.  And our dinosaurs are just as kickass as the British ones thanks to visual effects whiz Mark Savela. See the trailer.

Primeval: New World filmed its first 13-episode season here from early March to late July and I was lucky to spot Chuck Campbell, the guy-in-the-grey-skin-suit-carrying-a-sphere who becomes the computer-generated dinosaurs, in action. He chased an actor–jogger at the Olympic Village, who suddenly stopped, looked behind him, yelled “Holy Shit” and lept over a bench to try to get away. Now that’s acting. PNW star Niall Matter told InnerSPACE that in the first week of filming he couldn’t stop laughing whenever he looked at Chuck but quickly got over it.

Next Monday’s premiere introduces us to Niall Matter’s Vancouver software genius Evan Cross, Sara Canning’s animal attack behaviour expert Dylan Weir, Danny Rahim’s adventurer Mac Rendell and the rest of the team of animal experts and scientists who battle these creatures.

And we get a cameo from Andrew-Lee Potts, aka Conner Temple from the original British series Primeval, who comes to Vancouver to warn Evan Cross and his team about something that has gone wrong. Plus to have a laugh with the new cast.

The Hunt is On.

Primeval: New World debuts at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Monday, October 29th, on SPACE channel in Canada.


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