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SHOOT: Lance Reddick Returns for FRINGE 5×12 – Updated

It was good to see Lance Reddick  in aging makeup on set today at Harbour Green Park in Coal Harbour filming the second to last episode of Fringe. This is not his first appearance in the final season but probably the first opportunity for fans to talk to him and express their gratitude for his stellar work as Phillip Broyles. My only complaint — not enough Broyles.

[Update: Broyles is talking to the rest of the Fringe team gathered in Walter’s ambered Harvard lab, telling them that the boy Michael is being held on Liberty Island and sending them schematics]

2 thoughts on “SHOOT: Lance Reddick Returns for FRINGE 5×12 – Updated”

  1. He certainly does look old, but blacks especially of that complexion age differently to races of other fairer complexions, and when I saw it seemed very unnatural, there is no way his wrinkles would be that defined on such dark thick skin, it was startling to say the least!!

    1. I’m pretty sure they CGIed in facial lines on Lance Reddick’s face. He didn’t look like this on location. The aging makeup was so subtle that I once mistakenly thought I had a scoop — that the scene I was seeing was n the past because Broyles didn’t look old enough for 2036.

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