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BIG READ: Sarah McLachlan’s Holiday Music Video Shoot

Published November 29th, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome
Sarah McLachlan’s new holiday classic “Find Your Voice” filmed its music video on a block of West 13th Avenue near Vancouver City Hall last Sunday. It features students from her Sarah McLachlan School of Music: exuberant students who spent all afternoon doing take after take fuled by hot chocolate, craft services and joy.
All of the proceeds from the music video will go to their school which helps at-risk youth to learn music. Click on Sarah for a free download and on the Sarah McLachlan School of Music to make a donation. I spoke with the lovely and impossibly serene Sarah McLachlan briefly after filming wrapped when it was too dark and too cold to say antyhing intellible, so I’ll use her prepared words instead: “Christimas is a difficult time for many both economically and emotionally and I hope this Gift of Music can help in some small way. My holiday with is that we can all find the good in everyone and  in every situation and be kind to each other. I wish you all a very Happy, peaceful holiday filled with love, laughter and light!””
The video shoot itself took place between Manitoba and Ontario streets on West 13th Avenue. The camera truck filmed a long, continuous shot of Sarah McLachlan walking up the hill singing, joined by students from her music school on either side. Sounds simple except for the two wardrobe changes. At the start, Sarah McLachlan is wrapped in a black cloak which looks like something out of Wuthering Heights. Students dressed in black join her from opposite sides of the street. They leave as McLachlan’s wardrobe people remove the black cloak revealing the grey floor-length coat and then return dressed in red plaid coats. In the final wardrobe change, McLachlan’s grey coat is removed to reveal the sparkly Marilyn Monroe-esque strapless gown and the students return dressed for a party. Add smoke machines, lights and glitter falling from the sky and it looks like New Year’s Eve.. While this all appears seamless in the video it was controlled chaos on the sidewalks, especiailly near the lights. Imagine doing this over and over again from around 11:30 in the morning until almost 5:00 p.m. in the evening, when  the moon rose and there was virtually no light left.


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