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SHOOT: FRINGE Showrunner Joel Wyman Directing Lance Reddick Under the Cambie Street Bridge for Series Finale, 5×13

Showrunner Joel Wyman is directing the last episode ever of Fringe this week in Vancouver to the delight of fans who follow him on Twitter (@jwfringe). He told American media at the 100th Episode party last weekend at the Fairmont Pacific Rim that the series finale is “massive….really big”. It sure is. Fringe had two units working yesterday. The main unit with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and other cast filmed downtown in underground parking at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, then in and around Oceanic Plaza in front of dozens of fans until 2:00 a.m.  Meanwhile, a second splinter unit had set up lights under the Cambie Bridge to film scenes with Lance Reddick outside the False Creek Energy Centre. Broyle’s black car from 2036 parked on the gravel suggested Reddick might show up on set with aging makeup but it was a surprise to have Joel Wyman leave the main unit to direct these scenes. I don’t want to spoil plot so I’ve withheld photographs of filming like I’ve done with scenes from the second to last episode but it’s no secret that Reddick is in the final two episodes.

Joel Wyman below is taking a photo of the lit-up pedestrian/bike path above.

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