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FRINGE’s Joshua Jackson & John Noble Have Fun in the West End Rain for 5×11, Part One of Series Finale

John Noble and Joshua Jackson had a lot of fun filming a father-and-son scene for the third to last episode of Fringe — The Boy Must Live — six weeks ago in the pouring rain of Vancouver’s West End.

[Update: Here’s a FOX video of the father-and-son scene Although we saw it filmed with many camera setups, we didn’t hear what they were saying. Be warned there are more spoilers, but these are ones FOX chose to share]

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John Noble’s Dr.Walter Bishop runs out of an alley onto Bute Street where Jackson’s Peter Bishop catches up with him. They have a long talk and then embrace in a big hug.

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Earlier, the two Bishops had practiced Jackson running after Noble out of the alley onto the street, laughing the whole way and heading straight towards a group of fans huddled under umbrellas against the wall. At one point, Jackson suggested the pair keep going to Stanley Park, where their warm, dry trailers were parked. I wish I could have captured their schoolboy smiles in sharp, clear focus, but the relentless rain drenched me and played havoc with my camera.

Part One of Fringe’s three-part series finale airs Friday, January 11th, at 9 p.m. on FOX in the U.S. and Citytv in Canada.

6 thoughts on “FRINGE’s Joshua Jackson & John Noble Have Fun in the West End Rain for 5×11, Part One of Series Finale”

  1. For me, Fringe will always be Bishop Boys – but till the end of season 3 finale. After that, reset destroyed everything. Now I hope for one last reset to wipe season 4 hehe

    1. I think Michael, the Child Observer, might have done that for the Bishop Boys in the last episode. Some of the flashes in Walter’s mind seemed to be from the original timeline. It’s a bit of a cheat but I’ll take anything that will give Walter back all those happy moments of naked cooking with Peter in the Bishop house.

    1. I don’t think the flashback is about remembering the original time by Walter, as it is more acknowledgment of its existence by writers. As said by yvrshoot in post above it’s a bit of a cheat.

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