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SUPERNATURAL’s Cartoon Suicide on Lumbermen’s Building Roof for Ep. 8×08

Supernatural filmed one of its cartoon deaths from this week’s Hunter Heroici on top of the Lumbermen’s Building in downtown Vancouver two months ago. The guest actor below committed cartoon suicide by stepping off the ledge but not falling right away. He stands for a few moments in mid-air above Richards Street, long enough to exclaim, “It’s a miracle. God wants me to live”, and then suddenly drops in a cartoon whoosh.

I waited until the episode aired to post these photographs because I couldn’t figure out what I saw in this scene. And I still don’t know how they filmed it. I assume there was a green screen on the roof as our cartoon suicide acted as if he was in mid-air and then fell to the street below.

If I’d stayed a bit longer and not rushed off to Steveston to see Captain Hook’s pirate ship coming into port for Once Upon a Time, I would have seen this episode’s demon-hunting trio — Sam & Dean & Cas — arrive to investigate the crime scene on the roof. A fan snapped a wonderful photo of Misha Collins’s Cas leaning over the roof and looking down at the street below. When she posts it, I’ll link to it. Luckily I did get back in time for the night shoot and photoographed Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Collins laughing in the Impala.

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