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WEEK: December 3-9, 2012

  • Friday, December 7th – Fringe‘s eighth episode of its final season featured Peter Bishop vs Captain Windmark with Peter anticipating and redirecting Windmark’s movements plus a pivotal POlivia scene on the Vancouver Art Galley roof looking down on Windmark walking through the rainy plaza.
  • Friday, December 7th – Fringe films its final episode in studio and at a house in Burnaby.
  • Friday, December 7th – Arctic Air‘s Adam Beach and Pascale Hutton at CBC Vancouver Open House.
  • Friday, December 7th – Continuum appears on the  B.C. Production List. Filming of second season to start on January 16th and wrap around the end of May, 2013.
  • Friday, Decmeber 7th – Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome‘s finale – ninth and tenth episodes online.
  • Thursday, December 6th – Fringe films its final episode in studio and then at night in the tunnel off Skeena leading to the 2nd Narrows Bridge.
  • Thursday, December 6th – TVLine reports Gregory Itzin cast on Once Upon a Time as Frankenstein’s father.
  • Wednesday, December 5th – Fringe‘s main unit films downtown in underground parking at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and in and around Oceanic Plaza until 2 a.m. Its second splinter unit films under the Cambie Bridge with showrunner Joel Wyman directing Lance Reddick.
  • Wednesday, December 5th – Supernatural mid-season finale featured scenes of Dean, his Purgatory pal Benny & the Impala filmed at the Britannia Shipyards in  Steveston
  • Wednesday, December 5th – Arrow’s eighth episode – Arrow vs The Huntress.
  • Wednesday, December 5th – Emily Owens M.D. wraps filming of its final episode.
  • Wednesday, December 5th – Vancouver detective series Motive films on Pender and inside and outside the Victorian Hotel downtown.
  • Wednesday, Decmeber 5th – Amanda Tapping directs Arctic Air episode filmed in Burnaby as Calgary and featuring a guest appearance by Dragon’s Den dragon David Chilton as himself.
  • Tuesday, December 4th – Fringe films driving scenes with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble and Jasika Nicole in a van and then Lance Reddick in a black car on a process trailer around Main Street for its series finale.
  • Tuesday, December 4th – Emily Owens M.D”s seventh episode of thirteen opened with scene of Mamie Gummer’s not-a-birthday-person Emily filmed at UBC’s Irving K. Barber Centre.
  • Tuesday, December 4th – Vancouver sitcom Package Deal announces Pamela Anderson cast for three episodes.
  • Tuesday, December 4th – ABC announces Red Widow will debut on  Sunday, March 3rd, with a two-hour premiere and then air its next six episodes on Sundays at 10 p.m.
  • Tuesday, December 4th – The CW announces Cult will take over the Emily Owens M.D. time slot on Tuesdays at 9 p.m., beginning February 19th.
  • Monday, December 3rd – Vancouver dinosaur procedural Primeval: New World‘s sixth episode set in a Canadian Tire store in Burnaby and directed by Amanda Tapping.
  • Monday, December 3rd – Cult films a kidnapping sequence on Franklin in east Vancouver and then other scenes around No. 5 Orange on Main Street for its twelfth episode.

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