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PROMO: FRINGE 5×11 The Boy Must Live Promo Images at West Coast Express Station

Instant sci-fi classic Fringe’s third-to-last episode called “The Boy Must Live” airs next Friday, January 11th, with more of Peter, Olivia and Walter’s desperate attempts in 2036 to figure out pre-ambered Walter’s plan to save their world from the Observer overlords. A plan that seems to involve both the child Observer Michael and the series’ pivotal Observer September, who was revealed to be the mysterious Donald in 5×10 but with greyish hair on his not-bald head? Walter uses his Harvard lab’s infamous deprivation tank (I’m betting buck naked unlike Olivia in the first season) to try to connect with September/Donald, while Captain Windmark, the final season’s Big Bad, pursues his own agenda. Or as the FOX network logline says:

Walter enters the deprivation tank in hope of uncovering information about Donald; Capt. Windmark embarks on a revealing mission.

Is pre-ambered Walter’s plan to reset time, as Olivia says in a promo? That’s the most popular fan theory but if successful to what time? In one of the promo scenes, Loyalist soldiers are all over a monorail station platform. Fringe filmed this in early November at the Waterfront Station for the West Coast Express in downtown Vancouver. FOX promo photos below show Joshua Jackson’s Peter and John Noble’s Walter Bishop tracking Loyalist soldiers on the platform while Anna Torv’s Olivia Dunham does the same inside one of the train cars.



Fans who got close to the West Coast Express platform, when cast and crew moved east along it, witnessed an interesting scene involving Rowan Longworth’s child Observer. I had assumed it would be a closed set and didn’t go. But I did join fans to watch some scenes of Peter, Olivia, Walter and the child Observer getting out of or driving around in the wood-panelled blue mini-van (hotwired in 5×10) in downtown Vancouver’s West EndGastown and Chinatown. Michael Kopsa’s Captain Windmark was spotted on location too but not when I was at set so I can’t say whether or not he interacted with any of the Fringe team.

And if those aren’t enough reveals for you, some of the images in the promo and some of the captions on the promo photos suggest we will find out the origins of the child Observer in The Boy Must Live. I’m counting the hours.

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  1. COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS! So many breaks this season, it’s been killing me. I suppose it’s for the best, if they’d done one every week it’d be over already and i’d be super depressed right now

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