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PROMOS: ONCE UPON A TIME 2×11 The Outsider – Updated

Whatever else happens next Sunday on Once Upon a Time, it’s a Rumple vs Hook showdown on Hook’s pirate ship in the Storybrooke harbour with Belle watching as Rumple adminsters a beat-down with his cane. But later, when Rumple finds a way to cross the town line without losing his memory of Bae — “Now you can find your son, ” says Belle  — a bloodied Hook, holding a gun, is having none of it — “I wouldn’t count on it,” he tells Rumple. This is what I’ve been waiting for since The Crocodile episode showed us their backstory.

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Here’s the network logline for The Outsider:

Gold conducts an experiment to see if he can find a way across the town border without losing his memory. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David go house-hunting and Belle finds Hook in Storybrooke. In the fairytale world, Belle and Mulan meet for the first time as they try to stop a beast ravaging the land.

Appaently Rumple/Mr. Gold uses an “unwilling test subject” [Update & correction: Smee] to check whether his spell works, the spell that will allow him to cross the town border without losing his memory and go in search of his son, Bae.

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