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SHOOT: Jamie Dornan & Lana Parrilla Film ONCE UPON A TIME 2×17 Chase in Steveston – Updated

Once Upon a Time paid to have businesses close for the day on two blocks of Moncton Street in Steveston and hired 35 PAs (production assistants) to keep people back for Storybrooke flashbacks of Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) in a high-speed chase in the Storybrooke Sheriff’s car. Crew alternated scenes of stunt doubles driving fast and cast driving slowly down Moncton Street.

NOTE: Because these are flashbacks I’m not withholding the photos but normally my policy is to hold onto major spoilers until they become mild to medium ones.


[Promised to add to this post when day’s shootings done but my other photos spoil the plot so I’ll hold onto them for a while.]

2 thoughts on “SHOOT: Jamie Dornan & Lana Parrilla Film ONCE UPON A TIME 2×17 Chase in Steveston – Updated”

  1. this is so great!! ilove to see him back as graham, even if is a flashback 😉
    i want to ask you something, do you have any problem if i post your OUAT pics on my facebook page, i would put a link to your page in the album description and give you full credit of course

    have a great day 😉

    1. Sorry for the delay. I’d prefer a link to the post but yes you can post the OUAT pics on your facebook page with a link and credit. Thanks for asking. Most people don’t.

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